Another great example of mutualism would be the way flowers and bees work together. A Bee get the nectar they need to make honey by travelling between flowers. The bee brings pollen from one flower to another, resulting in pollination. It is well known that humans could not live without plants, because not only do we use them for food … Read More

Slimy Snail

Slimy Snail is a much maligned creature whose only fault is that it is slimy and eats a lot. But it is clever enough to be able to grow extra eye stalks, has only one foot and yet still manage to be able to get around with its house on its back, and has been used to make cough syrup … Read More


If you have walked through a paddock on a warm summer’s day, chances are you will have encountered grasshoppers. If you have been camping and laid awake listening to the sounds of the night, you are probably familiar with the chirping of crickets. Although grasshoppers cause billions of dollars in damage to food crops annually, they provide an important source … Read More