Are you sick of your day job?  Would you like to work with Animals?

Start your own Animal Business.

Since 1995 Animals on the Move has given children the opportunity to interact with animals through our animal programs. We have taught children where their food comes from with our mobile farm visits and milking demonstrations.
How animals grow and develop, with our chicken hatching and rabbit rearing programs. How to care for their pets (responsible pet interaction, pet care programs) and about the environment we share with animals and how we negatively impact on that (Bush Babies, Backyard Bugs)
With millions of children we have shared our passion for, and knowledge of, animals.

Animal businesses available from Animals on the Move:

Plenty of options!

Forget franchises, would you like to own your own animal business, Animals on the Move sell several different operation manuals and training video packages!

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be expensive. For some, a franchise is way to pricey and there are too many rules and regulations, but the idea of having someone tell them how to do everything appeals to most people.

Well this is not a franchise… I am offering you everything to start your business including animals and all the operating manuals for the best mobile animal business in Australia. You interested? What if I told you I would include booked in jobs that could guarantee you had a head start on your bookings

I can also offer to link the Animals on the Move booking website to your website so customers can book directly with you.

Want us to help in booking your customers so you can focus on marketing or being with the Animals? No problem! Our dedicated booking team will take calls for you and organise your calendar.

We are aiming to become a dedicated Animal “edutainment” booking office.

What do you need to run an animal Business:


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