Explore, discover and learn about the important roles farmyard animals play in our daily lives.

Mini Farmyard

We offer children a chance to touch, feed, cuddle and see the animals in an interactive environment. The Mini Mobile Animal Farm is suitable for all occasions and for all ages.


An interactive encounter where children can TOUCH, FEED & LEARN

See the animals in an interactive environment.

In a safe and controlled environment children can get up close and personal with our friendly farmyard personalities!

We encourage children to interact, pet and get to know our diverse range of farmyard animals.

You can invite us along to simply provide fun and interactive environment for your children at a Private Party or Public Event, or add an educational touch for schools, kinders and community groups.
The Animals On The Move team deliver factual and entertaining unscripted information that allows their natural animal loving personalities to shine through.

Animal facts which outline the key characteristics of each animal and the valuable products we get from them, as well as care information about what each animal needs to stay happy and healthy is entwined with amusing stories and anecdotes.

Bookings can be made by calling the office at the farm
Ph 1300 760 354
$100 Deposit must be made at the time of booking

Recommended Age: Suitable for all ages

Location: We bring the animals to you

What to expect from a Mini Farmyard Encounter

Mini Farm Animals can include: A lamb or a goat, piglet, ducks, rooster, chooks, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks.

What we bring:

All Weekends and School Holidays Charged at Peak Rates. Public Holiday pricing available upon request.
Bookings can be made online by pressing the button below or by calling our office.
Phone 1300 760 354
$100 Deposit must be made at the time of booking

Mini Farmyard Pricing

Off Peak


1.5 hour session

  • MAY
  • JUNE
  • JULY



1.5 hour session


Price based on 1.5 hours and then $175 for each additional hour after that.

The Mini Farmyard and Early Learning

Our focus on Science Foundations & complimenting the Australia School Curriculum.

The Mini Farmyard Objective:
To identify and describe animals commonly found in the farmyard and also to investigate and report the use of animals in our daily lives.

Our farm animals have basic needs, which include food & water. From piglets to turkeys, our friendly Farmyard animals showcase a variety of external features and the different stages of growth, how they change and have offspring similar to themselves.

Children can explore and observe the animals using their senses.
The way an animal moves does depend on a variety of factors, including their size and shape.
People use science in their everyday lives, which includes caring for their environment and living things.
We encourage children to communicate their observations and ideas in a variety of ways through oral discussion and direct animal interaction. We ask thought provoking questions and have plenty of activity sheets available from our website you are welcome to download & print out prior to our visit.

What age group best suits the Farmyard:

Preschool, Kindergarten, Child Care & Primary School Education from Foundation to Year 6. But, the information & interaction can be enjoyed by all ages.

Please remember when you are planning your event we require:
  1. Close access to set-up area (no more than 30m distance from our vehicle)
  2. Clear access from our vehicle to set-up area (no obstacles, stairs, lifts, steep slopes, etc)
  3. For safety reasons we appreciate assistance in keeping curious onlookers at a safe distance until set-up is complete.
  4. Access to water for the animals.
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