Fireworks and Furbabies

Warm summer nights and New Years Eve celebrations almost always involve fireworks at some point. You may enjoy this spectacular light show but for your poor doggy the noise is excruciatingly loud and can be very scary.
Follow these top tips to help your pet get through this new years

• Keep your dog indoors during fireworks
• Pets should never be taken to a public fireworks display. They should not be tied up or left alone in the garden or car while fireworks are underway either.
• Put him in a room with a television or radio turned up
• If possible have a family member stay with him during the fireworks. If you’re at home with your pet, try and pacify them with gentle games, food and music. Encourage calm behaviour with praise and attention.
• Keep all windows closed and all exits secure to prevent them trying to run away from the noise
• Provide a small, dark and safe place for him to retreat – a blanket over a coffee table works well
• Don’t inadvertently reward anxious behaviour – otherwise your dog’s patten of behaviour is reinforced
• Make sure your dog is wearing an identification tag and is microchipped – just in case he does escape
• Give your dog plenty of exercise and a good meal before the fireworks start.
• Create a comfortable space for your pet in a secure, familiar room with their favourite toys, snacks and water.
• Place a blanket over the cages of rabbits and guinea pigs.
• Leave a light on in the room so flashes don’t seem so startling to your pet.
• If you have a particularly nervous or elderly pet, you could speak to your vet about the best way to keep them calm.
• You can also use tapes that have the sounds on them of fireworks or storms and slowly train them to get used to the noise.
• Consider buying ear muffs and hearing protection devices for your dog. These are available from pet stores or online.

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